We Still ‘Say NO! to Consett Incinerator’

Our past is history … an incinerator has no place in our bright future!

‘Say No to Consett Incinerator’ is a collective of local residents who are continuing to work together, on behalf of the local community, to do everything we can to STOP the plans to build an incinerator, at the heart of Consett, from going ahead.

What’s happened so far?

In November 2020, during national lockdown, Project Genesis Ltd submitted an application to build an incinerator 300 metres from the nearest housing. These facilities are often greenwashed, claiming to generate power and heat to local housing but in reality these benefits are almost never realised but the emissions from these plants can have life-long detrimental impacts on health. Fortunately, our local community came together and worked tirelessly to raise awareness and generate objections.

On 7th September 2021, the planning committee met at Durham County Hall, and unanimously decided to refuse the planning application but the applicant has now submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspector who will be holding a public enquiry starting on 9th August, 2022. As a group we have been awarded Rule 6 status which allows us to take an active part in the enquiry, alongside Durham County Council, but will need to pay for legal representation.

What can you do to help?

If you can afford to help financially then every little helps. If the fund received just £1 from everyone who is a member of our ‘Say No’ incinerator group then we would meet our initial target. Obviously if you can afford to be more generous that’s great too.


If you originally submitted an objection this will be passed onto the planning inspector so you don’t need to send another objection.

You can join or encourage others to join our Facebook group to hear about events.


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However, if want to do something positive to help the environment then sign up for this national count of plastic use and if you have children in your family get them involved.


In the meantime think about ways that you can reduce your own ‘single use’ plastics by buying loose fruit and vegetables etc.. If you can’t eliminate it altogether then try to increase how much goes into your recycling bin.

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